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In 1996, the Florida Legislature established the Gold Seal Quality Care program for child care facilities. The purpose of the program is to acknowledge child care facilities that are accredited by nationally recognized associations and whose standards reflect quality in the level of care and supervision provided to children. SUNCHILD ACADEMY is honored to have been awarded the Gold Seal of Excellence.

SUNCHILD ACADEMY is proud to be APPLE accredited by the Florida Association of Child Care Management (FACCM). Voluntary accreditation demonstrates SUNCHILD ACADEMY’S commitment to the children and families it serves. Accreditation is the end result of an intensive process of documentation, self-examination and validation by an on-site visit by a trained verifier of the entire program. This includes the center’s policies and procedures, the physical facility, employee longevity and training, teacher-child interaction, child care center management, parent and community involvement and advocacy for children. All these components must be present in such a way that, together, they create a quality early childhood environment as defined by APPLE standards. The criteria are examined and if the center demonstrates substantial compliance with the criteria, accreditation is awarded.

Accreditation validates that SUNCHILD ACADEMY is a safe, nurturing environment that through it’s caring, knowledgeable teachers and effective administration prepares children for success in school.

SUNCHILD ACADEMY is proud of it’s achievement in receiving accreditation. We salute our teachers and caregivers for their hard work and attention to each child’s individual needs. Our commitment to quality does not end here, but rather accreditation serves as a renewed commitment to our families and our community to pursue excellence for early childhood care and education.


The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF), Child Care Services Program Office, is statutorily responsible for the administration of child care licensing and training throughout Florida. The purpose of this program is to ensure that children are well cared for in a safe, healthy, positive and educational environment by trained, qualified child care staff. SUNCHILD ACADEMY is licensed by DCF #C09OR0182. A copy of the State of Florida laws and statues relating to childcare can be accessed at here.