A Stimulating Environment
for Two’s


Language development is expanding at the 24-36 month period. Our two year old program offers many experience to increase your child’s vocabulary and ability to express themselves through words, drawings and beginning “writing.” The ability to pretend is also an important milestone during this period. Our staff will inspire your child’s creativity and imagination through exploration and play.

It is our priority to develop a child’s sense of self control by giving children realistic choices during their day and teach them the concept of sharing and taking turns. They will also gain self confidence by giving them simple responsibilities and praising them for every success. We strive to foster these developmental skills with indoor and outdoor learning activities for language arts, manipulative play, music, art and dramatic play. 

This period is the ideal time to work on potty training. Our staff will use only positive reinforcement to give your child a new sense of independence and accomplishment when potty training. Parents and staff work as a team so that each child will succeed. 

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