A Stimulating Environment
for PreK’s


Our Pre-Kindergarten program provides the opportunity to achieve the skills children need before continuing their education in elementary school.  We take special care to identify and reinforce the needs of each and every child to ensure they are prepared for the future. The Pre-K curriculum is designed to boost the academics as well as the social and emotional needs.  Language and listening, science, reading and writing, math, art, dramatic play, blocks, sand/water, and movement are some of the learning centers the children will explore.

Areas of concentration at this level are pre-reading skills.  Letter recognition, basic phonics and inventive spelling are encouraged as they build the foundation for reading.  Writing skills are worked on daily in a positive environment so they may build a sense of confidence as writers.

Science activities are introduced to provide sensory exploration and environmental self discovery.  We will familiarize the children with mathematic concepts as the children are given objects to count, sort, classify, estimate and graph.  Also taught are simple patterning, shapes and number recognition.

Children are given many opportunities for self expression through art. Painting, drawing and creating are offered on a daily basis, with the process, not the product emphasized.  Music appreciation is offered throughout the day, as many different forms of music are played during the children’s normal routine.  Four year olds are engaged in gross motor activities inside and outside in the form of structured games and activities and also free play.

Pre-kindergarten graduation ceremonies are offered every year for those children who will be attending kindergarten in the fall.  This is a very special time for the children and staff of SUNCHILD ACADEMY. We take pride in the accomplishments of our Pre-K children and make them feel proud during this memorable evening.

PreK Gallery