A Stimulating Environment
for Babies & Toddlers

Infants & Toddlers

Our Nursery and Toddler Suites provide the highest quality care in an environment that is designed with the parent and baby in mind. Our warm, loving atmosphere gives babies and toddlers a safe, secure feeling that helps them in the transition of the physical separation from their parents during the day.

Babies and Toddlers thrive in a stimulating environment. Music, games, stories, exercise, outdoor time, and learning simplicities envelop much of the day, as well as lots of hugs and tickles.

Children need a strong sense of security to develop self-confidence. Comforting your baby, responding to his/her cries and needs, talking and playing – all make your baby feel secure as well as loved and important. As babies develop into toddlers, they are eager to establish their independence. But they still need to know that they have their caregivers as a “safe base.” This knowledge enables them to explore
and learn.

Daily reports are provided to update each family on feedings and meals, nap times, diapering, and all activities accomplished each day.

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